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I was in Europe and visited TC helicon in Denmark.

Check out my new group:

     Lava Rocks

featuring 9 time Grammy winner Larry Seyer on Guitar and vocals, Kunia Galdiera on Ukelele and vocals, Binti Bailey on vocals and percussion and Jim Summey on drums. 

Joe Conti plays instruments unlike any other :

The Chapman Stick Touchboard© (or The Stick) and the Warr Guitar. Both instruments produce a unique sound - the strings are tapped instead of strummed or plucked, giving it the two handed versatility of a keyboard. The melody strings of both instruments are connected to a guitar synthesizer so that Joe can sound like a bass, keyboard and guitar all at once!

Here is the Warr Guitar:



  Joe’s Gig Schedule:


Tommy Bahama’s Tropical Cafe - The Shops at Mauna Lani

Tommy hosts Joe on Thursdays, Saturday's & Sundays from 5:30-9 with wonderful food in a casual and elegant atmosphere.  Joe has become a “Purveyor of Island Lifestyles” like Tommy! A very hip spot.

(Please check the calendar section of this website as Tommy Bahama is not always aware of peocial functions I might have on a steady night)

Joe Conti is available to make your special functions more special.

  Solo, Duo, Trio, Quartet, Quintet and more.

  Playing with many of the Big Islands top musicians, and in styles including Hawaiian, Jazz, Rock, Reggae, Blues, Funk, Country, New Age and more.

            Contact Joe about rates and dates:


Recording Services:

Joe has assembled a 24 track studio in his home featuring state of the art equipment that has been modified with high speed electronic components from Jim Williams of Audio Upgrades.

Songwriters are welcome to inquire out this blend of gear with Joe Conti available to engineer, play, arrange, produce, co-write, and cook pasta!


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